i'm your spouse. have we met?


For the last three weeks or so, our evenings have been go-go-go without much rest. Over the weekends, if I was around, Chad wasn't and if Chad was around, I was out of town. Yesterday was Good Friday - and a good friday it was, indeed! Chad and I both had the day off of work and we were looking forward to hanging out with each other and just enjoying each other's company.

The day began with a much-needed sleep-in morning and was followed up with a wonderful ham & onion scramble with turkey bacon & toast breakfast. Then it was time for SHOPPING...online shopping that is, at the Apple Store! We bought an iMac!! Can't wait until it arrives! It was about time we replaced our ancient original white iBooks from college. We've been doing more and more freelance work, so we bit the bullet and are pretty excited about it. Now this week we need to purchase the Adobe software.

To celebrate our purchase, we went out to Georgie Porgie's in Racine. I'm pretty sure that's our new favorite burger joint. And who can resist their ice cream? What a cool place! It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday. It hit 80 degrees! We were definitely cruising around town with the t-tops off the wrangler. Chad hit a few rounds at the batting cages at Action Territory and we wandered around town dreaming a little bit. I got a kick out of a gigantic martini shaker at Target, too. :) We capped the day off with watching some recorded shows at home, including the Discovery "Life" series. SO cool.

Overall, LOVED the relaxed, chill pace of the day. We certainly enjoyed the weather and time together. Today we are heading down to Illinois to visit with Chad's family for Easter. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend festivities as much as we are (and will)!