just for fun


Back in October, a few of our friends got together for an epic, first annual event. You've heard of theme parties, right? Well we did it up...Zombie Apocalypse style! 

There were zombies of all kinds—undead people who used to have regular lives before their unlucky encounters of zombie attacks. There were safari zombies in attendance, a funeral home worker, a surgeon zombie (Katie), a camp counselor (Nicole), a tourist (Amber), a business man (Chad), zombie killers (Aaron & Sock Monkey) and more.

The whole party was Nicole's idea (which we eagerly jumped on board with). She decorated EVERYthing in their apartment. She set the scene with balloons on the ceiling, an escape route map, zombie books on the bookshelves, zombie-esque silhouettes in the existing picture frames on the walls, bats, rats, spiders, spider webs, "blood" in vases, "poison" in painted wine bottles, bloody handprints & drips, zombie tip lists, zombie games, and SO much more. (She was sort of a zombie expert, really.)

The food was creative too. There were—of course—jello brains, tomato eye-balls, tombstones in dirt cake, cupcakes with bite marks, and all kinds of other non-themed, equally yummy munchies.

It was all in good fun, just for kicks. Kind of like an early Halloween party where we all dressed with the same concept in mind. What a riot...plenty of silly memories with funny friends.

Until next year...watch your back.