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An extra-memorable wedding | Images coming soon

Right now, this newlywed couple is traipsing around Nicaragua together on their honeymoon. This is what Aaron & Elizabeth looked like on Sunday soon after they officially tied the knot in a beautiful St. Louis park. Hand in hand, all smiles—we’re pretty sure this is how they’ll look for most of their future together. This little sneak peek comes with a tad bit of backstory...

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Outdoor adventures with friends

For the freedom we experience in this great country, I'm deeply grateful to our past veterans and current service men and women. For the Memorial Day weekend fun under the North Carolina sun, I'm pretty thankful for my stockpile of aloe. ...ouch. This post is all about a simple outdoor adventure with friends that transformed into an epic, outdoor upgrade—complete with iPhone photo highlights.

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Aaron & Elizabeth | A farmer's market Engagement Session

I don't think I'll be able to BEGIN to accurately describe the meaningfulness of this particular Engagement Session to us. Aaron and Elizabeth are two of our best friends in the world and we're SO excited that they'll be married in 34 days! The image highlights from this documentary Session at the farmer's market + a romantic stroll through the park tell this couple's love story.

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This one time: Till Death Do Us Part

It was all going great for Stanley Simpson and Becky Giovanni on their wedding day... That is, until about midway through their reception. As guests arrived and mingled with each other, it became obvious that there were ulterior motives from the family and friends in attendance. There was rising tension in the air as we watched our night of food and fun transform into mystery and mayhem before our eyes. 

Wait, what?? You have to get the full scoop on this wedding...

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Go. Set. Ready.

Chad and I are generally "plan it well in advance" type of people. However, after a Tuesday night phone call with our dear friends in Alabama, we found ourselves in the car Thursday morning en route to Tuscaloosa from Wisconsin.

I believe in making wise, prayerful decisions and this one was no exception, even though the turnaround was quick. I'll be honest though, Chad and I fought hard against the idea of such spontaneity as we laid all the options out on the table, thought about pros & cons, looked at our budget, weighed the responsibilities we already had lined up and even consulted another friend for advice. After asking God what he thought about our quick, unplanned trip to AL, we just couldn't kick the thought of spending priceless time with Jacob and Ashlee for the weekend. God's answer to both of us was a simple, yet profound, "Go." 

This post is all about true friendship and learning to be spontaneous.

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it's a girl!

Two of our best friends, Charlie & Amanda, had their baby on Sunday!

They welcomed little Kaylee Ann Staniger into their family at 1:10am on 11/13/11. She weighs 8lbs 4oz and is 19 inches long. Her fingers and toes are very long and she has lots of dark brown hair. She's quite the little far anyway. Precious!

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camping weekend getaway

According to our blog, it doesn't look like we've been up to anything since May....a slight understatement. We've been super busy, which is actually why there haven't been any updates. :(  BUT, to make up for it, here's a long one ;)

Two weekends ago, Chad and I went camping in New Glarus, WI with two of our best friends, Aaron & Nicole. And yes, Sock Monkey came too. He absolutely loved being out in the wilderness. We camped in one of the walk-in camp sites, so we definitely got our exercise. Trails run from the thick wooded campsite areas, through the picturesque prairie section, passed the New Glarus Brewery, and all the way into the little Swiss town square of New Glarus. It's so beautiful and peaceful!

Here are the four aspects of our weekend that made it such a memorable getaway:

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