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Aaron & Elizabeth's Intimate St. Louis Wedding

The pouring rain tried to prevent their intimate, outdoor wedding from happening, but these two have weathered far more than that over the course of their cross-country relationship. This wedding was particularly meaningful to Chad and I since we are such close, personal friends to the Bride and Groom and Chad's role was a little different than normal. These images will speak for themselves—simple elegance, infectious laughter and genuine love. 

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An extra-memorable wedding | Images coming soon

Right now, this newlywed couple is traipsing around Nicaragua together on their honeymoon. This is what Aaron & Elizabeth looked like on Sunday soon after they officially tied the knot in a beautiful St. Louis park. Hand in hand, all smiles—we’re pretty sure this is how they’ll look for most of their future together. This little sneak peek comes with a tad bit of backstory...

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Cards v. Rays at Busch Stadium

For Christmas last year, we got my brother, Kyle, and his wife, Kelly, tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game at Busch Stadium. They could pick any date they wanted. The only catch was that they had to let us go with them. We ended up settling on July 22nd, when the Tampa Bay Rays would be in town to face off against the Cardinals. 

Find out what happened next...

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