Aaron & Elizabeth's Intimate St. Louis Wedding

Those who know me know that I am rarely at a loss for words... But I've been staring at these images in this post for a while now, and for some reason, I can't seem to collect the right words to describe how I feel about them. With every wedding we shoot, we understand that the images we make are more than just pretty pictures—they represent stories, mark seasons, capture moments and document genuine events of the day. But with this wedding—as very close, personal friends of the Bride and Groom—we were a part of the stories, seasons, moments and events that lead TO the day, as well. We're deeply attached to them both, we know and love their families, and we agree 100% that they are a perfect match for one another. 

"When Aaron and Elizabeth asked me to be the officiant for the their wedding, I was blown away for a couple reasons," Chad confessed over the microphone to the 35 people in Lafayette Square Park (St. Louis). "One, I’m not very good with words; I'm an artist, not a public speaker. And two, I knew the weight of that request and what it meant. You see, in my book, Aaron is my brother and has been my friend for over a decade. Plus, he started tearing up when he asked me and I couldn’t turn him down." The chuckles from the seated guests were welcomed as I photographed my husband legally marry Aaron and Elizabeth on June 14, 2015.

The pouring rain tried to prevent their outdoor wedding from happening, but these two have weathered far more than that over the course of their cross-country relationship. I appreciated the simple elegance of their celebration, too—the natural beauty of the park, Elizabeth's farmer's market bouquet, the small number of witnesses present, the homemade pies, the genuine (and endless) laughter, and so much more. 

The morning of the wedding, Elizabeth was joined by her mother and a few of her closest friends in the St. Louis City Center Hotel. They arranged flowers, helped each other get ready, and had a pretty nice view of the St. Louis arch.

Meanwhile, Aaron was getting ready at his apartment across town. "Groom preparations" for this guy included making pies from scratch for the dinner reception later! Cooking and baking are definitely important to this couple. (Check out their documentary Engagement Session story for more on that »

Check out these beautiful wedding rings from Art Metals Studio (Racine, WI). Aaron worked with Christopher Sklba to design a custom engagement ring and wedding band that would be unique to Elizabeth as a total surprise to her. Gorgeous! ...And the beauty of these pales in comparison to the beauty of the tears of joy shed by many when Elizabeth's father walked her down the aisle.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Steckman! I love this sweet moment (below) caught between Aaron and Elizabeth shortly after the ceremony was completed. It was the first time Elizabeth had seen her wedding band and the two were admiring how it looked. And in the following images, their love for one another is evident. I love seeing how they make each other feel!

Afterward, a low-key dinner reception was held at SqWires Restaurant in St. Louis. Dinner was devoured, pie was savored, encouraging words were shared, a few dances were treasured, and plenty of laughter was spread. It was absolute perfection.

Like Chad said when he finished out the marriage ceremony, "Aaron and Elizabeth, may you enjoy a long life together, fulfill your dreams, and keep your promises to one another. This is the very beginning of a new adventure, so have fun, try new things and never forget that Jesus is your guide." We love you dearly and we certainly do love your love.

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