Aaron & Elizabeth | A farmer's market Engagement Session

I don't think I'll be able to BEGIN to accurately describe the meaningfulness of this particular Engagement Session to us. Aaron and Elizabeth are two of our best friends in the world and we're SO excited that they'll be married in 34 days! Chad and I have considered Aaron a true brother of ours for the last twelve years, and over the last three years we've spent getting to know Elizabeth, she's certainly our sister, too. 

In the moment, one never knows where the unexpected twists, decisive turns and crazy loops of their life are heading, but in this case, Aaron and Elizabeth were lead to each other. Even since, life's journey has been a long and winding one for them, as they have learned all too well the challenges of a long-distance relationship (from Wisconsin to Missouri). Chad and I have had the privilege to walk alongside them through thick and thin whether in-person or over video chat, to laugh with them, share advice with them, learn from them and dream with them. When Aaron shared his creative, surprise marriage proposal plan with us last year, we were beyond excited! Their recent visit to our neck of the woods in Raleigh, NC for their Engagement Session was the icing on the cake for us, but shooting their very intimate outdoor wedding in St. Louis next month will certainly be the sprinkles on top!

Anyone who knows these two well has probably benefited from their love for food and cooking food. Anywhere they've lived, the farmer's market has always been a priority for them, so when they visited Raleigh, that's the first place we went for their Session in order to document that part of their relationship. Afterward, we headed to Pullen Park for a romantic stroll.

These image highlights tell the story on their own... The love Aaron and Elizabeth have for each other is evident, their laughter together is genuine, and their hearts are clearly happy.