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Andrew & Amy's Wedding in Raleigh, NC

When Andrew and Amy contacted us about shooting their Raleigh wedding, we were beyond excited about the opportunity! After hearing a bit about their love story and what makes them tick, we knew it'd be a true honor to document their special day. A couple nights ago, we had the privilege of revealing their entire collection of wedding images to Andrew & Amy at their home. We hope you love these image highlights.

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Aaron & Elizabeth's Intimate St. Louis Wedding

The pouring rain tried to prevent their intimate, outdoor wedding from happening, but these two have weathered far more than that over the course of their cross-country relationship. This wedding was particularly meaningful to Chad and I since we are such close, personal friends to the Bride and Groom and Chad's role was a little different than normal. These images will speak for themselves—simple elegance, infectious laughter and genuine love. 

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Chris & Drienie's wedding at Riverwood Manor

Getting to know Chris and Drienie as friends here in Raleigh has been quite the treat for Chad and I, so shooting their wedding and capturing the moments during their marriage celebration was truly incredible! These two were only engaged for nine weeks and have now been married for under a month, so the emotions from their wedding day are still very fresh. We got to reveal their wedding images to them a couple nights ago and are SO excited to share them publicly now!

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Ryan + Nicole | A romantic Wisconsin wedding

Last month, Ryan and Nicole tied the knot in Wisconsin. Despite the chilly November air and slightly gloomy sky, it was one of the most beautiful days we've experienced. The love these two have for each other cannot be equalled and the way they swoon in each other's arms is the sweetest.

There are SO many images of this pretty navy and white wedding I think you'll love to see. View the entire gallery here or check out the highlights below...

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Bryan + Katie | A beautiful outdoor Raleigh wedding

Katie is from Wisconsin and we actually have mutual friends there, but the first time we met her and Bryan, we ran into them in a random North Carolina parking lot. Chad and I were visiting Raleigh and told them we’d be moving there soon. We quickly discovered that we’d be attending the same church and that their wedding date was literally the first Saturday we’d be living in NC. It was clear that our meeting was “meant to be” and they practically booked us on the spot! We look back only to laugh now, as we’ve already become great friends.

Last night, they got to see their images for the first time at a Photo Reveal Party at their home. Today, we're so excited to share the story & image highlights from their beautiful, Raleigh wedding at the Babylon Restuarant!

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Mark + Raquel | A black & gold, elegant Wisconsin wedding

The love story of this special couple was reflected so well in the sweet vows they wrote each other on their wedding day. Everything about Mark and Raquel’s marriage ceremony was beautiful. In fact, Raquel wasn’t the only one in the room with a continuous stream of joyful tears down her cheeks. It was the kind of ceremony that reminded you of the power of love (cue Huey Lewis here if you feel so inclined). There is no doubt in our minds that these two will fight for their love every day of their lives and will enjoy each moment they have together. 

We are beyond excited to share the story and beautiful images from this wedding...

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Bryan + Maddy | Bright & dreamy wedding in Wisconsin

I just love how the perfect light can make for the most romantic of settings. This bright, sun-soaked wedding at The Club at Strawberry Creek (Kenosha, WI) was a perfect example. Bryan and Maddy's outdoor wedding ceremony and portraits on the golf course were as dreamy as they come. Their colors of yellow and celadon blue added to the sunny disposition of their celebration, too.

This wedding included lots of unique, fun ideas I'm excited to share about. Read on and see their beautiful highlights...

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Randy + Amanda | An enthusiastic WI wedding celebration

Two things were absolutely certain about this wedding celebration: Randy and Manda are completely in love and they are both incredibly loved by many. There was joyful laughter, there were happy tears, lots of pink, a surprise second wedding dress, and plenty of dancing. The bridal party was a very tight-knit group of friends, which only added to the crazy fun. Plus these families know how to celebrate!

I hope you enjoy their wedding story and image highlights...

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Nick + Angela | A magical Wisconsin Wedding

The beautiful bride may have been wearing the Disney Cinderella Wedding Dress (by Alfred Angelo), but this wedding was far from make-believe. At moments it certainly seemed like a magical fairytale, but the reason so many friends and family members came to celebrate in August was because of the very REAL love between Nick and Angela. 

I'm so excited to share their wedding story and image highlights...

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Zac + Rachel | An intimate, backyard Wisconsin wedding

Elegant simplicity. That's how I would describe Zac and Rachel's intimate, backyard wedding in August. They decided together what they valued in the celebration of their marriage and followed through on those things thoughtfully and intentionally. Their ceremony and dinner celebration took place at the beautiful home of Rachel's parents in Hubertus, WI with 20 members of their immediate family, the Pastor and his wife, and Chad and myself. What a true honor to be included to capture this special occasion! 

I am SO excited to share these highlights from their wedding day...

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Kyle + Samantha | A sentimental Wisconsin wedding

July 26, 2014 will forever be a date that marks the holy union of Kyle and Samantha in marriage—a public statement of their love for each other and their continuing commitment to support each other no matter what life may bring. For most couples, the vows they recite on their wedding day have the potential to seem "far off" like promises that will be relevant eventually. For Kyle and Samantha, the reality of the words they vowed to one another was true in that very moment. 

Read all about this sentimental wedding and view their image highlights...

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Jason + Cortney | Wisconsin Wedding with Camp Traditions

This very special wedding day for Jason and Cortney was laced with laughter, love, and Camp traditions, making for one of the most unique [and entertaining!] celebrations we've been a part of. Although rain drizzled throughout most of the day, not a single smile was withheld. Plus, it was brought to our attention later that a beautifully vibrant double-rainbow was displayed in the Wausau skies after their Marriage Ceremony. A sure sign of double blessings!

You'll love to read this story and check out the beautiful image highlights from their day...


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PJ + Sarah | A lovely, pink Illinois wedding

Gorgeous wedding details in shades of pink, lacy touches, and overjoyed family and friends surrounded PJ and Sarah on their wedding day at Elmhurst College. The architecture of Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel made for a picturesque backdrop and setting for their ceremony. The location was extra special because Sarah was attending Elmhurst during the time she fell in love with PJ. We couldn't have asked for a better forecast, either—just a tiny bit of rain in the morning, ensuring good luck for the couple and lush greenery for later in the day. You Name It Events added their flair to this celebration, too, ensuring a flawless look and flow of events. 

So many memories were made throughout the whole day, including the dance floor at Drury Lane later that evening! These two families were a joy to be around and they sure know how to throw a party. Chad and I were truly honored to capture the first chapter of PJ & Sarah's married love story.

I am SO excited to share these highlights from their beautiful wedding day...

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Jon + Amy | Wisconsin Wedding filled with surprises

Sweet smiles, joyful reactions, and heartfelt tears punctuated this gorgeous Wisconsin wedding in May. Jon and Amy were supported by so many friends and family members as they celebrated their day of marriage. There was meaning laced through everything—the pearls, the perfume, the cards to one another, and more. Even Father Tony surprised everyone during his homily when he shared the cutest quotes and advice for Jon & Amy in marriage from Amy's young classroom of students. SO special! 

Other highlights included their Green Bay Packers wedding cake (made by Amy's Aunt Annie) that was retweeted by ESPN analyst Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell), the mother-son dance at the reception where Jon and his Mom surprised everyone with a dance remix and the moment the ring bearer crowd surfed. Chad and I were truly honored to capture the first chapter of Jon & Amy's married love story.

Just over a week ago, we got to share ALL of their wedding photos with them before they went on their honeymoon. As a couple, they've been soaking in them and reliving the moments. Now, the photos have been released to the public! I am SO excited to share these highlights from their beautiful Catholic ceremony at St. Anthony on the Lake in Pewaukee, WI and their reception that followed at the Seven Seas Seafood & Steaks in Hartland, WI.

Check out the image highlights...

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