Bryan + Katie | A beautiful outdoor Raleigh wedding

Written by Amber -

Katie is from Wisconsin and we actually have mutual friends there, but the first time we met her and Bryan, we ran into them in a random North Carolina parking lot. Chad and I were visiting Raleigh and told them we’d be moving there soon. We quickly discovered that we’d be attending the same church and that their wedding date was literally the first Saturday we’d be living in NC. It was clear that our meeting was “meant to be” and they practically booked us on the spot! We look back only to laugh now, as we’ve already become great friends.

Their beautiful outdoor wedding and reception at the Babylon Restaurant in Raleigh was absolutely stunning. The Moroccan flair in decor, urban surroundings, reflecting pool, bright colors and spirited nightlife made this celebration extra memorable. Bryan and Katie’s love is certainly worth that kind of celebration! They were married by one of their closest friends, shared a sweet moment of prayer together as guests also prayed over them, laughed, cried, and even cheered. It was one of our most picturesque ceremonies to date and definitely one of the more emotional, as well. You could feel the excitement in the crowd—these two are perfect for one another. And they sure can dance, too!

A huge shoutout to Chad Biggs, their fantastic wedding coordinator, and the entire Babylon staff. Chad and I can’t think of a better way to have been welcomed into the wedding industry here in Raleigh.

Last night, we shared a wonderful evening at Bryan & Katie’s home for a Photo Reveal party! With balloons, champagne, and a delicious dinner, we got to celebrate their marriage and relive the moments of their wedding day as they looked through their photos for the first time. They were all smiles! You can view Bryan & Katie’s full gallery of images here, but without further ado, I’m so excited to share their wedding highlights below…