Kyle + Samantha | A sentimental Wisconsin wedding

Written by Amber -

July 26, 2014 will forever be a date that marks the holy union of Kyle and Samantha in marriage—a public statement of their love for each other and their continuing commitment to support each other no matter what life may bring. For most couples, the vows they recite on their wedding day have the potential to seem "far off" like promises that will be relevant eventually. For Kyle and Samantha, the reality of the words they vowed to one another was true in that very moment. 

A couple days after Kyle planned out his proposal to Samantha, she received a shocking diagnosis of breast cancer. Even in lieu of this life-altering news, Kyle wanted to go through with his plans later that week to ask Samantha to be his wife. (You can read that full story here with their engagement images.) When a friend asked Kyle if he was sure it was a good idea, Kyle's response was, "Of course! I love Samantha in sickness and in health." About one month later, the couple was joined by the most supportive friends and family on the planet (some coming from across the country!) at their gorgeous outdoor wedding and reception.

As you can imagine, this particular ceremony was one of the most sentimental we have EVER experienced. Kyle and Samantha are close friends of ours, but even if they had been strangers, we still would have had tears in our eyes along with every guest present. 

It was all laced with loving passion: a "first look" intimate moment before the ceremony, their own sweetly written vows, the prayer over the couple during the ceremony, the emotion in every message and speech given, God's perfect sunset for them, the dedications of music & roses on the dance floor, and even the Chinese wishing lanterns being released at the end of the night.

Chad and I were truly honored to capture the first chapter of Kyle & Samantha's married love story.

I am SO excited to share these highlights from their wedding day...

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