Love conquers all | A Kenosha Engagement Session

Written by Amber -

When Kyle and Samantha met online just over a year ago, they couldn't stop talking to one another. After several lengthy online message exchanges, they planned a formal date for a few days later! ...Except they couldn't wait that long, so they got together for a "pre-date" ice cream hang out the evening before their actual date. Love it!

In-person conversation felt extremely natural—and super fun—for them. In fact, on their first date, the restaurant was closing at the end of the night, so they were forced to leave, but they stood in the parking lot together for another couple of hours, just enjoying conversation and each other's company. They couldn't go a day without seeing each other for a couple weeks and not a day has gone by since where they haven't made each other smile.

"My first impression of Samantha online was that she was very attractive," Kyle said. His opinion of her hasn't changed one bit, and he loves how open and honest she is. "In one of Kyle's photos online, he had a little boy on his lap and I assumed it was his son," Samantha smiled. "Even though I wasn't really that excited about dating a guy with kids, I gave it a shot." Turns out, Kyle's just a proud uncle with an adorable little nephew—and he's quite the all-around, genuine guy. Six months into their relationship, Kyle told Samantha's best friend that he wanted to marry Samantha someday. 

The last month for these two love birds has been quite the wild ride... 

On Sunday, June 22nd, Kyle asked Samantha out on a date that Friday night (the 27th). She was giddy as a school girl and promptly accepted! Although they spend quite a bit of time together, it had been a while since they had intentionally gone out on a "date" like in the beginning of their relationship. The next day (the 23rd), I sat with Samantha on the bleachers at the church softball game as we cheered on the men who were playing. If you've ever met Sam, you know that she is one of the most positive, upbeat people on the planet. But something seemed a little off that evening... She continued to share with me that she wasn't having the best day. A small tear began to roll down her cheek as she let me know she had been diagnosed with breast cancer that afternoon. * Gut check *

Another thing to know about Samantha and Kyle is that they wholeheartedly believe in Jesus! They have encouraged me and Chad in our walks of faith so many times and we've prayed for each other on countless occasions. They are dear to us! ...This news hit me pretty hard. Samantha's response? "Well, I just have to stand firm and press on. Whatever needs to be done—I gotta do it." She is confident, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God will use this situation for His glory, somehow. She's claiming healing in the name of Jesus!

Photos from Samantha

Photos from Samantha

* Deep breath * Now fast forward to Friday night, June 26th. Kyle takes Samantha out on that date he had planned for the two of them. They had a wonderful time dining at Tuscany Bistro (Sam even posted a selfie of their fun date night!), but meanwhile Kyle had a few planned surprises up his sleeve. When he took Samantha home at the end of their date, the house had been cleaned and transformed into the most romantic proposal setting ever!

Several doctor appointments and about a week later, the two decided to plan their wedding for three weeks later, July 26th. "Right now I look good and I feel good, so we'd just like to get this in before I hit the chemo treatments hard," Samantha said. "We've known for so long that we would be married someday." Why wait, right?? "I'm just looking forward to being married," Samantha said with the biggest smile on her face. Kyle is the most supportive, loving person she's ever met and she can't wait to spend the rest of her life with her best friend. Love conquers all.

They've been overwhelmed (in the best way possible) by all of the love, support, prayer and encouragement from friends and family. People around them have banded together in so many ways to help them pull off the most magical, perfect barn wedding at the Strawberry Creek in Kenosha. We are beyond honored and bubbling with excitement to be a part of the celebration in EIGHT short days!

Last week, we had fun with Kyle and Samantha at their Engagement Session. I love how these images capture the love they have for each other, their extreme joy in life, and the sweetness of these moments in time. Plus, a breathtaking sunset sky never hurts! ;)

Their full Engagement Session can be viewed here, but here are the highlights...