camping weekend getaway

According to our blog, it doesn't look like we've been up to anything since May....a slight understatement. We've been super busy, which is actually why there haven't been any updates. :(  BUT, to make up for it, here's a long one ;)


Two weekends ago, Chad and I went camping in New Glarus, WI with two of our best friends, Aaron & Nicole. And yes, Sock Monkey came too. He absolutely loved being out in the wilderness. We camped in one of the walk-in camp sites, so we definitely got our exercise. Trails run from the thick wooded campsite areas, through the picturesque prairie section, passed the New Glarus Brewery, and all the way into the little Swiss town square of New Glarus. It's so beautiful and peaceful!

Here are the four aspects of our weekend that made it such a memorable getaway:

1. campsite leisure

We had a blast with Aaron & Nicole (who wouldn't?). The boys set up camp, kept the fire going, and did the cooking. The girls kept the campsite organized and the dishes washed. A bit traditional, eh? We shared great conversation, yummy food over the fire & grill, music, horseshoes, s'mores (which Sock Monkey loved), long walks, and the beauty of nature together. Chad and I have camped there a couple of times—we love the secluded feel of each campsite.


2. campfire treats

Everybody has their favorite campfire food creation. I like to make s'mores with Andes mints instead of plain chocolate bars. But, moreover, I skip the graham cracker and just push the mint inside of the toasted marshmallow to melt a bit. It's like a chocolatey, minty-filled marshmallow! mmmMMMMmmmm.....


3. new glarus brewing company

If you're in New Glarus, a stop at the brewery is a must! We took the self-guided tour again around their beautiful facility and enjoyed some samples. Sock Monkey even guarded our pizza & beer samples during the game of bags.



Even though it was a bit chilly, the little Swiss town heated up during Polkafest. It's a party! Lots of dancing, accordions, and activity in the streets. We sampled lots of tasty treats as well as a Swiss meal in a local restaurant. We always love wandering through the shops and toy stores in the town square. Sock Monkey met lots of new friends there and even played hide & seek. Silly monkey.