This one time: Till Death Do Us Part

Written by Amber -

It was all going great for Stanley Simpson and Becky Giovanni on their wedding day... That is, until about midway through their reception. As guests arrived and mingled with each other, it became obvious that there were ulterior motives from the family and friends in attendance. There was rising tension in the air as we watched our night of food and fun transform into mystery and mayhem before our eyes. 

A few weeks ago, Chad and I enjoyed a Murder Mystery Dinner Party with a group of friends from church!  It was so much fun to be a part of, especially because of the theme: a wedding reception! You know Chad and I love a good reception... The character roles we received were fun as well. Chad was the estranged Uncle of the Bride, George Giovanni, who had wallowed away his family fortune and I was the wedding photographer, Ronnie Rhymer, hoping to capture a scandalous photo story. 

After the Bride was murdered on the dance floor by one of the guests, we all had to ask questions and bribe each other for information to solve the mystery. The more we all learned, the more secrets that were revealed & motives that were exposed. Our sleuthing skills were put to the test (as were our abs from the workout of laughter we each had). 

If you ever get a chance to attend a Murder Mystery, we highly recommend it. Being that it was a wedding theme and I was the wedding photographer, I thought it'd be fun to blog this story, almost like a real wedding.

I hope you enjoy these highlights from our evening of make-believe...