winter retreat


This weekend, Chad and I both had an amazing time with our youth group and some great leaders. It was our annual high school winter retreat. With our group nearly doubling in size from last year's retreat, we were at Lake Geneva Youth Camp this year. We had an absolute blast!

We were able to play broom ball on the ice, tubicide (like "steal the bacon" with inner tubes), ride the giant swing, a tubing run (way fun), play games (euchre!!), read, schnaggle (debatable...), hang out in the cafe, try rock climbing, relays in the gym, basketball, volleyball, and much more.

...Let's just say that we definitely walked away with sleep deprivation, bumps & bruises. Watch this broom ball clip of the epic "leaders vs. seniors" game. Go leaders!! Thanks to Gregg Hampton with his goals and Chad for his agile saves as goalkeeper.

More importantly though, we were able to grow our relationships with Christ and be "awakened" to His majesty, power, plan & direction for our lives, His love, and His ultimate forgiveness.

Our family group times were powerful times of encouragement and discussion about challenges we each face. Our worship times of singing were led by Gregg Hampton (whom we met in DC over the summer), who came to be with us from Colorado. What an amazing man of the Lord—thanks again, Gregg! ( I'm pretty sure many of us lost our voices...

The downtime we experienced on this weekend trip was perfect. We were able to connect with so many of our amazing high school students. We LOVE the EUM youth!! I hope they are all energized to jump back into "reality" this week with renewed perspective.

Here are a few links to photos from the weekend:

Album #1 - broom ball and tubicide

Album #2 - gym time and the giant swing

Album #3 - group pics, misc. and sessions