the snowpocalypse


Image captured Feb 1st, 2011 at 11:38 AM from NASA’s Goddard satelliteHappy Anniversary to us!

On the morning of February 2, 2011, we woke up to what became commonly referred to as "The Snopocalypse". It was quite intense! A massive snow storm covered most of North America and crippled many areas of the country for a few days.

Not only was EVERYthing closed around us, it was the first time I've ever witnessed the news stations calling the snow a "civil danger" & requiring that people stay in their homes. Interstates and almost all roads were closed—even emergency vehicles were stuck.

The big deal for us wasn't necessarily the amount of snow that fell (about 24 inches when all was said and done), but was the wind and drifting. Some areas near our apartment were 0-2 inches deep, while others close to 6 feet!

It started snowing in Kenosha around 3pm on Feb. 1st... By 5pm there was pretty much a whiteout with the heavy winds and light snow blowing around. By 10pm, there was NO way we would have walked outside! In fact, I really wish I would have taken video that night, because Chad and I stood and watched cyclones of snow whirling through our courtyard. It was a really neat sight! Part of me wanted to go stand in one to experience it, but I'm pretty sure the door would have blown off.

Anyway, on the 2nd, people started emerging around 9am or so when the wind & snow had finally stopped and the sun broke through the clouds. At that point, we got a kick out of watching people explore the winter wonderland and begin digging out our their cars. Unfortunately, now that I work from home....technically the snow day didn't affect me. BUT, I did go out with Chad for a lunch break for some fun in the snow :)

Quite memorable! I wish I had taken some pictures over the course of the next week or so of areas outside our apartment. It took a while to get roads cleared—you couldn't even really see the road signs at corners where snow had been plowed. I'm glad we were able to experience the winter weather event of the century! (What a crazy example of God's power, too....simply breath-taking.)

More proof of our snowpocalypse: