meet puffy


This is our patio friend, Puffy. He first came by on Monday and he's made countless visits since. Every time he stops by for a perch, he serenades us with lovely cooing.

Apparently he has grown quite fond of our "stomping grounds" because he's definitely in the mood to find a lady-bird. On Tuesday, he was cracking me up! Puffing up his feathers really big and flapping his wings, cocking his head back and forth, truly strutting his fancy style across our railing.

He didn't seem to be offended by my staring through the glass. Since Tuesday, Chad and I have been calling him "Puffy" and have spoken to him through the screen door. I'm pretty sure he's a fan of us.

Wishing him the best in his lady-bird search... Tough crowd out there. Tough crowd.