news for 2012


The last half of 2011 was extremely full for us…we were busy little bees, learning SO much and completing all kinds of cool graphic design and photography projects. Outside of that, Chad and I did our best to spend as much meaningful QT with each other as we could while also remaining active parts of our areas of ministry, good friends to our friends, good family to our family, attending some workshops and—oh yeah, thinking about growth ideas for our business. Phew!  

Thankfully, the holidays were very refreshing for both Chad and I, giving us plenty of time to catch our breath, travel, visit with family, and to collect our random thoughts & aspirations. We've been brewing up all kinds of fresh, new ideas for 2012! We've got some new business goals, some new life goals, and some exciting things we want to share with you.

For starters, when you get a chance, browse around our website! We just made some updates that feature some more recent projects and photography as well as show a better representation of all we do. AND, there are still more updates on the way!

Secondly, our blogs are going to be changing… As we have grown with our business and personal style, we've decided it's time for our blog to transition as well.  Right now we have 3 separate blogs: adventures, amber and chad. Within the next couple of days, you'll see that they will be combining into ONE blog under a new URL. It'll get messy for a little bit…bear with us! If you currently have an RSS feed for any of our blogs, you'll need to update your feed when we officially change over.

No, no, no…don't freak you out…. In fact, here's why you should get excited about our "new blog":

  • Streamlined tags to make it easier for you to sort through posts you missed in a relevant, topical way.
  • A search box to help you find something specific within our blog. 
  • A new Adventures category: kind of like our current adventures blog, but we'll be posting more often and will be more goofy than ever (waaaaait……US? Goofy??). We want you to see the "real life" side of us.
  • A new Spotlight category: we'll be featuring small businesses, events, ministries, and people that we work with. You'll get to see our most recent work here, but more importantly, you'll get to hear the stories behind those projects/shoots—hopefully you'll begin to love our clients as much as we do!
  • A new Inspiration category: Chad and I will both be posting things that inspire us. This will include random photos that were taken for fun, any personal design we're working on, encouraging insights we receive from the Lord, and stories on every-day people who make an impact on our lives. Hopefully these things will inspire you, too! 

As always, we thank you for your support and encouragement—we wouldn't be where we are without you all pushing us! God has been SO good to us...we are in a state of continual awe of Him. Praise on!