happy homecoming!

...And we're not talking about the face-painted-football-fan, corsage-wearing-date kind of homecoming, either. I've been hammering out work for Langhoff Design for just over two years, and now CHAD IS COMING HOME TO JOIN ME!


Today is his first "full day" of working for Langhoff Design, full-time. We are seriously ALL smiles and walking on clouds. Owning our own business together has been a longtime dream for both of us, and God has positioned us perfectly to make that dream a reality—the pieces have fallen into place.

What many of you may not know is that Chad has basically been working two fulltime jobs for the last couple of years (especially over the last several months) as we've been growing Langhoff Design. On top of his "regular 8 to 5 job", he's been up early working behind the scenes, churning out rock star graphic design and killer photo editing for Langhoff Design whenever I've needed extra help. His evenings and weekends are filled with the same client meetings and photo shoots that I'm at and he's right by my side as we crunch the late night hours. He's one of the hardest working, most supportive men I know. (I should seriously marry him.......)

Sharing a day-to-day schedule and getting work done faster is going to be absolutely wonderful. Wonderful for our clients, for our business, for our friends & family (we haven't forgotten about you all—we've just been busy!), and for our marriage. We are so thankful that God has lead us into this new version of our adventure.

"I'm most excited about the flexibility I'll have, giving me opportunities to minister to others," Chad said. "I know God gave us this business to allow us to use our passions for His purpose, but also so we can continue to be His hands and feet in the ministries we're involved in. This business will truly become our ministry when we have more focused time to pour into it."

A huge "thank you" to everyone who has been covering our transition in prayer in the last couple months. Join me in officially welcoming Chad to our home office :)