jam sessions and future dreams


Reid Kurkerewicz is currently finishing up his senior year at Horlick High School (Racine, WI). He's a book-smart, musically-talented fella with loads of potential and a killer smile. Chad and I have gotten to know Reid a bit over the past couple years and, on a scale of 1-10, he's pretty much off the charts. We want you to meet him...


Although he was born in Milwaukee, he's lived in Racine for the last eight years, where he has really made a name for himself. His involvement with friends, with school activities and extracurriculars is what rounds Reid out to be such a cool guy. Well that, and his super easy-going personality.


Reid said, "The best advice I ever received was to smile for the camera. I seem to have a hard time with that. EVERYONE tells me to, though." Well, I can certainly agree with the majority on that one...thanks for the advice, 'everyone'! Reid was rocking the big smiles, the small ones and everything in between during this very chill senior portrait session.


Being a senior seems to give you a spirit of reminiscence. Thinking back on his time in high school, Reid's favorite memory was prom his junior year. "Post-prom was great because it was held in the sports plex and there were tons of things to do, from lazer tag to dancing on a giant dance floor."


This year so far, his most memorable senior moment would be Horlick destroying their rival school, Case High School, in football. Reid said it got pretty heated—literally! Some students at Case actually burned Horlick t-shirts in response to all the hype.


"What I'll miss most from high school are the teachers I made good relationships with, and of course all the friends I made that I may never see again." After high school, Reid plans to attend Marquette to study politics. Some day, he hopes to have a job where he gets to travel a lot.


He also dreams of starting a successful indie rock band some day. Knowing Reid, that's a dream that's certainly attainable! He plays bass, guitar and piano. Outside of school, he's in three different bands that play in a variety of public venues. "They are a ton of fun. We either just jam or even gig out sometimes."


In school he's played bass for all of the musicals, which are really fun for him. Added bonus? He loves the huge cast parties at the end of the show season. We've been to multiple shows at Horlick to hear him play—he always does a great job! Outside of school and jam sessions, you can find Reid working at Lakeshore Conservatory of Music in Racine. I have so much admiration for the way he fuels his passion and works at it.


To his fellow graduating seniors, Ried leaves the advice, "Be as reasonably open minded as possible!" To the underclassmen, "Make sure you clear out your gym locker after the semester so the gym teachers dont cut your lock and throw out all your stuff." Yikes....personal experience I'm guessing?


Favorite movie: 12 Monkeys

Favorite band: Modest Mouse

What drives you: Leaving a memory to people that makes them remember me lovingly


Overall, I think these portraits capture the essence of who Reid really is. "My photo shoot was great! Tons of fun and totally casual, just like I like."

Reid, thanks for the opportunity to hang out! We wish you all the best for the rest of your senior year and for your future. Continue to pursue your dreams courageously—if you do, you'll find that they will certainly become reality.