a standup senior


Pierson Kaye is currently finishing up his senior year at Christian Life School (Kenosha, WI). He played baseball and basketball, was involved in student government, youth group and community outreach. Chad and I have really enjoyed getting to know him over the last few years and want you to meet him...


Though he was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pierson and his family moved to Lexington, Kentucky and later to Racine, Wisconsin where he lives now. He has gone to CLS for all of his high school years and has many friends there.


Pierson LOVES baseball and basketball and is playing them all the time (he's darn good at them both, too!). If you ask him which is his favorite, he won't be able to choose. On the Varsity baseball team, he is one of the captains. I'm sure it's his passion for the game and his leadership ability that give his teammates a reason to look up to him.


If you know Pierson, you probably already knew that he was funny and very athletic, but you may not have known that he loves to sing! I can vouch for this hidden talent... some of my favorite memories spent with Pierson are during impromptu jam-sessions after youth group with another friend, Bennet. The three of us would just sit, hang out and harmonize songs together as Bennet strummed the guitar.


When thinking about the future, Pierson says, "I do not know what I want to do when I grow up. All I know is that I want to hopefully find a place to lead worship and to continue pursuing God in my everyday life."


Pierson says, "The greatest advice I have ever received was from my parents and it was not to care what others think but simply to be yourself." If he could give the underclassmen some advice, it would be to take school seriously.


You may be surprised to learn that, no, Pierson did not have any previous modeling experience. :) Chad and I had a ton of fun capturing these natural senior portraits with him. Pierson remarked, "I really enjoyed the photo shoot with Chad and Amber. They did a wonderful job and everything came out perfectly. They also made me feel comfortable during the process."

Congratulations and best of luck to a real standup senior with success stories in his future.