A sweet, tandem bike engagement session in Oak Creek

Written by Amber -

As the old song goes, "I'm half crazy all for the love of you... you'd look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two." Adam and Michelle have to be one of the most adorable, fun couples ever. They are super fit and love running, cycling and being outdoors, so their wedding theme of the tandem bicycle fits them perfectly. What beautiful symbolism for joining two individual lives in marriage and riding together through life. These two truly embrace life... I'm talking all out embrace it—like, their third date was skydiving. (See?) 

As you look through these image highlights of Adam & Michelle's engagement session, I hope you enjoy the details of their love story...

The best parties are the spontaneous ones. A random mixing of various people at a coworker's house lead to archery, kick ball, handstand contests, deep conversation, and most importantly, the introduction of these two to each other. Adam and Michelle have since been joined by Moose, their furry—and oh so talkative—little comrade. 

Whenever people were talking, Moose would sit nearby and softly woof and mumble right along as if to join the conversation. He was so playful, well behaved and cuddly. "Our dog is one of the most important things in our lives. We love him so much," Michelle said.

Adam and Michelle have been together for 4 years. "My first impression of Michelle was that she was fun to be around, good looking and other people liked to be around her," Adam said. "I still think the same thing today!" He encourages other couples, "Keep your relationship fun. Don't get bogged down in the little stuff—always smile!"

Michelle looks back on the first time she and Adam met, "I noticed him right away. Definitely a hotty and I still remember the outfit he was wearing. After that night, I knew I had to see him again... And again!" It's debatable who asked whom out first, but either way, it's clear they were meant to be.

We asked them what their secret to keeping their relationship alive is. "Being silly and having fun," Michelle answered simply. "Also, knowing that we truly love each other like crazy and will always have each other's back. We're each other's number one fan and supporter."

Adam says that they enjoy lots of things together, namely running, going out to eat, having drinks, riding bikes and hanging out with family. Michelle added, "We try to get together with them as much as possible. I feel so grateful and thankful that we both have wonderful, loving families that we enjoy spending time with."

"We love Friday date nights, especially after long workweeks," Michelle shared. "It's our time to try new restaurants or old faves and to catch up and enjoy each other's company." They love Little Cancun in Oak Creek. Michelle told us, "The margs and mexi are magical!"

Michelle says Adam is the most sincere, trustworthy and honest person that she has ever met. "He has so many amazing qualities! He's also incredibly hardworking and motivated, loving...and loved by so many. I don't think you'll ever hear someone say 'Gosh, Adam is such a jerk'."

When considering the foundations of their relationship, Adam says "having fun, challenging one another and not keeping secrets" are most important. "I love that Michelle always has a smile on her face and can always make me laugh!" Priceless.

"We got engaged on a run in the morning before we left for a trip to California," Adam told us. "It was Michelle's 31st birthday and we ran down by Lake Michigan."

"It was the best day ever!!!" Michelle gushed. 

"We were running our typical route with Moose and got down by the lake and Adam said he had something in his shoe so we stopped," Michelle described. "I was barely paying attention to what he was doing...but then saw him unraveling a ziploc bag with something brown in it - I honestly thought it was beef jerky for Moose! But as he kept futzing, I saw that it was a leather pouch! Then... I realized what was about to happen!!!!"

"He got down on one knee and I just started balling. It was a perfect sunny, beautiful morning....we were out on a run doing what we love to do....and Moose was there. Of course I said YES!" Michelle gleamed. "The ring was gorgeous and I was the happiest I had ever been in my life."

Adam said, "We have been on a couple romantic trips, one to Michigan and one to California." Michelle loves their trips together. "Of course I loved our Cali trip this past May...right after we got engaged. We did Napa/Sonoma, San Fran and Lake Tahoe. It was all of our favorite things: wine, great food, sight seeing, family, outdoors and each other.... All in one trip."

"The other trip I loved was our Michigan wine trail trip last September," Michelle said. "A long weekend of wine tasting, great food and good times hanging out and being in love." Mmmmm. You sure can't beat that.

"Michelle has been a rockstar planning the wedding.  She has done so much. The wedding will be a nice size and have touches of us all throughout." Adam and Michelle scheduled their wedding five short months from the time they were engaged. Michelle says there have been a few stressors due to that, but it's mostly been fun. "I've loved incorporating both of our personalities and interests into the day. We have a romantic/bike/wine theme going on. It's fun/modern....it's us."

Adam and Michelle are getting married on November 2, 2013 at Circa on Seventh in downtown Kenosha followed by a honeymoon in Riviera Maya, Mexico. "I honestly can't wait to be Adam's wife and officially a Zimmerman. I look forward to seeing what's next for our life story and hopefully starting a family," Michelle said. "Maybe having the 'wife' title will help me with learning things like cooking, cleaning and gardening - ha!"

It has been a true honor and joy for us to be a part of Adam and Michelle's engagement season with both photography and printed items (invitations, ceremony programs, and various reception pieces). Their love and smiles are contagious. In 22 days, we'll capture the gorgeous moments of their wedding day unfolding, and we can barely wait!

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