Happy 30th, Chad!

Written by Amber -

I loved being able to surprise Chad with this fun desktop background for his birthday. He gets the biggest kick out of that Geico camel commercial (which is quite hilarious).  Today is his 30th birthday!

Last night we got together with a giant table-full of friends at one of our favorite local restaurants to celebrate. As I sat there enjoying the company, I had an overwhelming sense of gratefulness come over me.

Our group of friends practically took over a portion of the restaurant space. As the evening progressed, more and more friends appeared at the table to join our mini mob and [aside from the delicious pizza] they were all coming for one main reason: to celebrate Chad. 

Through reminiscent laughter, friendly jabs, smiles and fun conversation, it was evident that Chad has had a very positive impact on the people in his life. Each of the people surrounding that table have been influenced in some way by Chad's actions, words and lifestyle. He inspires many with his bold faith in Jesus, talent in art and laser focus & dedication to anything he touches. How lucky am I, that I get to be married to that guy?? 

So, as the camel says, "Whoot, whooooot!" and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the coolest kid I know. 

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