Horlick Senior: Ambitious photographer, influencer, friend

Written by Amber -

If you live in the Kenosha/Racine area, chances are, you've heard of Thomas Stark. I have to say, I'm honored to have gotten to know him so well over the last few years. He's a senior at Horlick HS (Racine) but his influence reaches far beyond the walls of his school. Many know him either from Kayne's Coffee & Custard or Wells Brothers Pizza. I met him through youth group and we were instant photography buddies :)

In school, Thomas is incredibly involved with events, sports and organizations (which is probably why he was voted onto his school's Homecoming Court this year!). He's a walking billboard for anything he's involved with; a true superfan with that "all in" mentality. He usually has his camera with him—and he recently started his own business, Stark Photography.

When he's not cheering on his friends, shooting, or doing homework (?), he's probably memorizing lines for whatever school musical or theater production is coming up. He did such a great job in Hairspray & The Wizard of Oz (among others), but right now he's preparing with the Horlick cast of "Once Upon A Mattress", which will no doubt be another amazing production. It's showing tomorrow night, the 20th, 26th and 27th at 7pm and the 21st at 2pm in the Horlick Theater. (For tickets, call 262-619-4304.) 

Beyond school activities though, Thomas has a huge heart for people. He's eager to make a difference whenever possible. For example, I'm inspired by the way he stepped up back in October after the Milwaukee shootings to rally his community behind his classmates. Check out this video where Thomas appeared on the news »  

Thomas's senior portrait session was a blast. Because he's a photographer himself, he was so excited about it.... He had all the locations planned out, everything was story-boarded out exactly as he wanted it, and all Chad & I did was light and shoot. :)  It was neat to photograph Thomas in all of his own favorite places to photograph people. It was his show—his style. Hope you enjoy these highlights...

In general, Thomas just takes life by the horns. I love his motivated spirit and I value his friendship. In the future, I will not be surprised to hear about what kind of crazy, ambitious feats Thomas is accomplishing. I'll just smile and give him a virtual high-five wherever he is. Best of luck in the rest of your senior year and especially at UW-Stevens Point next year, Thomas!