All about Dance, Design and Disney

Written by Amber -

Becca is a senior this year at Indian Trail Academy (Kenosha, WI). She has been soaking in her high school experience, making memories and dreaming big for her future. We had so much fun with her during this senior portrait session—she's all smiles, all the time. Love her personality!

Apparently I'm not the only one, either.... This year, her classmates voted her Homecoming Queen! (She looked absolutely beautiful, too—I saw the photos!) Becca is also the Senior Class President, involved in National Honor's Society and captain of the Dance Team. 

"My favorite is Dance Team because my teammates have become my friends and because I love to dance." A huge congratulations to her team on their first place performance at regionals this year! A job well done and well earned—surely a memory to top off her senior year.

When asked what she will miss the most after graduation, Becca replied, "Since my grade is all academy students, I will miss the close-knit community we formed over the four years." To the underclassmen, she leaves the advice, "Be yourself, because it will get you farther in life."

And with dreams like Becca's, she's bound to go farther than most. She'll be attending Iowa State University in the fall to major in Interior Design (the hospitality side—like hotels, restaurants, resorts, lounges, spas & such). After college, she'd love to work with hotels in big cities like Chicago, but more than anything else, she hopes to be an Imagineer at Disney World! Disney Imagineers are responsible for creating and constructing Disney theme parks worldwide—Becca wants to come up with creative designs and ideas for Disney's resorts. How cool is that?!

I can't wait to hear how everything unfolds for you, Becca. Keep up that go-getter spirit, and those dreams are certainly within reach. Best of luck to you, girl!