Horlick Senior | Aja's silly, smiley session

Written by Amber -

Congratulations to Aja on her recent graduation from Horlick High School! A huge accomplishment.... If you take a glance at her overly decorated (and very heavy) letterman's jacket, you'll be able to tell that while she was at Horlick, she spent a fair amount of time in the band room and in the swimming pool. She plays the flute (including piccolo and alto flutes) and has been swimming since......well, forever, I think.

Aja is beautiful inside and out and is a true lover of people. She adores her family (and so do I!). She has a heart for serving others (and I've witnessed this on mission trips and in the community). I'm pretty sure she has a crazy amount of friends because she text messages more than anyone I've ever heard of.  :)  It's not all that surprising though, once you get to know her.  

Aja's bubbly personality and gorgeous smile make her as friendly as can be & super fun to hang out with. We had a blast on this senior session—I've never ended up with as many silly "outtakes" of funny moments as I did with Aja. In fact, I even highlighted some of my favorites at the end of this story because they're so darned cute.

UW-Whitewater is lucky to have you in the fall, Aja. You'll certainly be sorely missed here in Racine, but I have no doubt that you're going to ROCK college! Enjoy every minute of your summer and best of luck to you in everything your future brings.