Finding time to take breaks

Written by Amber -

Lately, Chad and I have been work-work-working away on SO many amazing images for our clients. We're finishing up the tale end of our busiest season of the year, and if you've been following us, you probably noticed we also just made a pretty big life change as we moved across the country. We're trying to finish current work, network ourselves, make new friends, and set up work for the future. We've been going at one speed for about a month now: FULL.

As professional photographers, we take photos for clients constantly. Sometimes—when I can find the time—I take photos just for fun, for ME. It's my release and I love capturing the day-to-day, but I always feel guilty posting them if I know I have "paid work" that needs to be finished up first... 

Today I'm making an exception! Chad and I realize that taking breaks is super important—to our health, our energy levels, the quality of our work, and to our marriage. We decided it was high time we took one.

This morning, we went exploring with our friends & roommates, Jacob and Ashlee, to an apple orchard in Silar City, North Carolina (a little over an hour west of Raleigh). We had a blast together! Because we're all still learning the seasons here, we missed the "pick your own apples" option, but we made the most of the hayride and pumpkin patch and still enjoyed the hot apple cider and beautiful sunny day. (SIDE NOTE: I'm still not used to what "fall" means in the south. 70 degrees at an apple orchard could have been done without long underwear and a scarf. Still learning...) Afterward, we enjoyed a memorable lunch at a local restaurant. When the restaurant is called "Bestfood Cafeteria" you know it's going to be good....even Clay Aiken agreed because he was in there eating! Ha.

Anyway, I'm posting these photos today, unashamed. I'm still catching up on work, but I'm proud of myself for taking a much-needed break today. Fall festivities & friend-time are SO worth it!