Lauren | Case High School Senior '14

Written by Amber -

Meet Lauren. She's a country music-loving, softball-playing, cupcake-baking extraordinaire. Her pet white duck, Addie (whom she raised from a cute, little yellow chick), only adds to her intrigue. Lauren is currently finishing up her senior year at Case High School (Racine, WI) and it was our honor to do her Senior Session this past September. We loved getting to know her and definitely fell in love with her smile and fun personality!

Lauren is definitely athletic. In addition to playing volleyball all four years of high school, she's enjoyed playing four years of varsity softball. Playing almost every position except third base since her freshman year, Lauren is most excited about her team's potential this season—plus they have a blast together.

Outside of sports, Lauren is also involved in National Honor's Society and an organization called Positive Impact that goes into elementary schools to talk with fourth graders. For the most part, Lauren has loved high school. "I will miss my teachers the most! That is kind of the nerdy answer but it is the truth. I have had some of the best teachers and I will most definitely miss them," she says.

To her fellow graduating seniors, Lauren says, "Make good choices! It is possible to have fun without getting into trouble!" To the underclassmen, she leaves the advice, "Get involved in school activities! You meet many friends that way and it is so much fun to be part of something not just academically related."

We're cheering her on in the 'home stretch' of her senior year. Lauren is looking forward to a degree in Criminal Justice to eventually become a Police Officer. You go, girl!

I hope you enjoy these photo highlights from her Senior Session...

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