Brittany | Case High School Senior '14

Written by Amber -

Photo of Brittany in 2010, compliments of her family

Brittany is a current senior at Case High School (Racine, WI) and she is not afraid to take life by the horns—or should I say handlebars? You don't have to hang out with this girl long before you learn two things: she loves to sing and she absolutely loves four-wheeling.

"Not many girls like to get down and dirty like me," Brittany smiles. In the summer and fall, you can probably find her covered in mud speeding by on her "Scrambler" up north, in the winter you'll find her on the ski slopes with her family, and in the spring, you'll find her counting the days until four-wheeling season begins again. 

You may not be surprised to learn that Brittany's favorite movies are the Fast & Furious films. "I love cars and the way those motors get going is amazing! I love all the action!" She's not ALL motors and mud though... That was obvious to me when I saw how beautiful she looked all dressed up for her Senior Session back in October. And those sparkly nails! "This year, I've been looking forward to a lot of things like all of the sporting events, but I'm really looking forward to the school dances like PROM! I'm so excited for that!" 

Brittany is certainly multi-faceted and she embraces it. One of her best friends, Mikey, once encouraged her, "Just be yourself. You're going to find people who love you for 'you,' and those people are the greatest." That has definitely proved to be true in her life. "I'm going to miss the friendships I've made," Brittany said. "I have many friends but only a close few and it's going to be weird going from seeing them every single day to almost not at all." Regarding her whole class, she added, "I've grown with many of the students in the senior class. I really hope I don't lose touch with all of them!"

Thinking back on her high school years, some of the highlights for her were her freshman year of volleyball, working at DeRango's, loving on her two cute little toy Pomeranians, and definitely her choir trip last year to Orlando. Brittany said she basically sings 24/7! "I've DREAMED of going on American Idol, but I've never grown enough courage to sing in front of famous people."

I asked her what motivates her most, and without hesitation Brittany responded, "My family. No matter what I decide, 99% of the time, they back me up on my decisions!" In fact, it was her older half sister, Angel (an accountant), who inspired Brittany to pursue accounting herself. The last time I heard, Brittany had said, "I would really love to go to UW-Eau Claire or UW-Milwaukee. And I want to go into accounting or music related majors—maybe even both!"

Brittany, you've got so much going for you, girl. What a joy it has been to get to know you and your family through church and this special photo shoot. We wish you the very best for all of your future endeavors!

Brittany's full Senior Session can be viewed in her online gallery. I hope you enjoy these photo highlights...

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