Abby | Case High School Senior '14

Written by Amber -

I could sit and listen to Abby strum her guitar and sing to me all day...this girl's got talent! Plus, Abby was a natural in front of the camera! I can't get over her pretty smile and infectious, endless laughter. She's a senior at Case High School (Racine, WI) and it was our honor to do her Senior Session this past fall. We're lucky to know Abby and her family quite well, actually, as we attend the same church. 

"I feel like I'm at church all the time or at least thinking about it all the time," Abby smiled. "I'm a part of the band there and I've gone on four mission trips with my youth group. Church has really impacted my life, as have the people there."

Right now, Abby's in the thick of her senior year. Thinking back over her years though, she vividly remembers her first day of high school. "I had never been to a school that large and seeing everyone come in that first day was petrifying," Abby cringed. "I couldn't find my home room or my locker and I didn't have classes with many people I knew. It was a somewhat horrible day, but I like to look back on it and, seeing how much more comfortable I am at school now, laugh at little ninth grade me."

As high school went on, Abby became more involved in school activities. Her sophomore year, she joined the tennis team and did Model of Organized American States / Model UN and has been doing those ever since. "I made JV captain this year for tennis and have been co-president of MOAS/MUN since junior year. I was in choir my freshman and sophomore years and I (finally!) decided to join band this year. I'm really liking band, probably because I have a lot of friends in class with me."

Looking back, Abby encourages all underclassmen with this advice. "First, walk with purpose when you are in the hallways. Second, don't be afraid to get involved. There are so many things I wish I had tried in high school." Whenever Abby is apprehensive about trying new things, she remembers the words of one of her youth pastors, Devin Tharp, "Fake it 'til you make it." Abby smiled, "I've found that if I tell myself I'll like something new, I eventually will." To her fellow graduating seniors, Abby says, "Do what you want to do with your life, not what others want or expect you to do."

It's a little crazy to think about the fast-approaching future. "I'm really going to miss seeing my friends. Some of us are planning on going to college together, but some I won't get to see five days a week once we graduate," Abby noted. "Leaving for college will be tough next year since I've never really lived anywhere else." She has had her heart set on attending UW-Madison in the fall, so she was so excited to learn of her acceptance! Abby plans to major in physics and nuclear engineering with certificates in Spanish and music. "I'd say that I'm a fairly self-motivated person but deep down I really do want to make my parents proud." …Pretty sure you won't have a problem in that area, smarty pants! ;)

We can't wait to hear all about the success in your future—academically, musically, socially, spiritually and in every other way. Congratulations to you, Abby, and best of luck with the rest of your senior year! Keep it up!

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