A perfect match made online | Zac & Rachel are engaged

Written by Amber -

From Wisconsin, this Chicago-loving couple picked us up, surprised us with a packed picnic lunch, cold water, and even a collapsible picnic table. It was a beautiful day in Chicago for a picnic in the park, followed by one of our most memorable Engagement Sessions to date and a tour of their favorite spots in Chicago!

The Lincoln Zoo in Chicago was the perfect setting for this Session, not only because it was gorgeous, but because it was the very memorable location for their second date! As you check out these image highlights, I hope you fall in love with Zac & Rachel's story as a couple…

Rewind about a year and a half to October 2012. Zac and Rachel swapped glances at each other's profile page on eHarmony and their futures changed forever. "We ended up writing about sixty pages back and forth to each other over the course of about two weeks before we ever talked on the phone or met in person," Rachel confessed. "By the time we met, I didn't feel like it was a first date and I felt like I knew him really well." Zac smiled in agreement, "We emailed one another an embarrassing amount before we met, but knowing the kind of person Rachel was before finally meeting her was a unique experience."

"Since we met online, my first impression of Zac was reading his profile for the first time," Rachel remembered. "It said something along the lines of, 'Looking for someone to come home to on Monday, bring flowers to on Wednesday and go to church with on Sunday.'" Rachel gushed, "It was much more romantic sounding when he wrote it and I just about melted. Zac is just as sweet now as when I first read his profile."

We asked Zac what he likes most about Rachel. He answered quickly, "Her priorities. She focuses on the things that matter. And she's always reaching over to hold my hand." He continued, "She's hilarious when she gets annoyed with something because she tries to hide it and is terrible at hiding it!"

Zac told us the secret to keeping their relationship alive is making their time alone together a priority. This is sometimes challenging since they don't live in the same city and each of them currently live with their families.

Regarding their healthy relationship, Rachel said, "I think we both do a good job at doing things that the other person likes to do. For example, it probably isn't Zac's first choice to do triathlons, however he does it because it is something he can do with me. We brew beer together which is something I would have never picked up on my own, but it is fun to do together." …Chad and I can vouch for this couple's talented craft brewing abilities! They gave us a little sampler of a few of the bottles they made for their August wedding.

They plan to have a very quiet, private wedding ceremony & celebration at Rachel's parents' beautiful Wisconsin property. They are excited for a casual, outdoor setting complete with a pig roast. Their goal is to keep it simple and special. Zac and Rachel are very excited about their honeymoon, too, which will be a two-week European adventure!

"When we first met, Zac said that life was built for two and I think we both believe in that and try to continue to experience new things together," Rachel said. "I'm looking forward to building a life together with this wonderful man." Zac encourages others, "Never settle or force a relationship that isn't working. It's never too late to find the person God has in mind for you."