This one time: Cubs v. Cards at Wrigley Field

Written by Chad -

Back in April, a friend of mine sent me a Facebook message wondering if I would be interested in purchasing some Cubs/Cardinals tickets from her. I couldn't type fast enough to say yes to the idea. As a MASSIVE Cardinals fan, I couldn't pass up an ESPN Baseball Tonight game, while the Cubs are celebrating 100 years at Wrigley Field. The stars were aligned that glorious day.

I had never ever been to a Cubs/Cardinals game and I had only seen the Cubs play at Wrigley Field once when I was very little. For a fan, a Cubs/Cardinals game is something magical because it is one of the greatest baseball rivalries. They have been duking it out for over 125 years in nearly 2200 games (thanks ESPN for the stats). The history of these two teams is rich with hall of famers, legendary games and countless nail-biting endings. 

Amber and I rode the Metra into Chicago to watch the game on May 4. Amber kept laughing at me because I was acting like a kid in a candy store. I was so excited to experience a Cubs/Cards game at Wrigley. When we got off the Metra, the baseball atmosphere was thick with anticipation and excitement. As we walked around the stadium, I was in awe. The stadium itself was a time capsule of countless games, ball players and historical moments.

Amber and I headed into Wrigley after taking a handful of selfies, acting crazy on ESPN and capturing photos of the atmosphere. It was bit chilly but totally worth it. The game was great to watch with its strong pitching, amazing fielding and smart hitting. The game ended with a nail biter, but my Cards were able to squeak it out in the end. I absolutely loved every second of it and it was by far, one of my favorite date nights with my wife. 

Check out some of the pictures we took while we are at the game.