Why my Dad's the bomb

Written by Chad -

Yesterday was Father's Day. In honor of that, I wanted to list some reasons why my dad is awesome.

What he has taught me over the years:

  • Firing a gun
  • Tracking a deer
  • Car Maintenance: rotating tires, changing oil, replacing the battery, etc.
  • Jumping a car
  • Mowing the yard
  • Planting a garden
  • Building a tree house
  • Working for yourself and not the man
  • Killing unwanted wasps/bees
  • Riding a bike
  • How to peel out in a car like a boss
  • Not to drive fast on ice covered roads
  • Separating work from pleasure
  • Not taking crap from other people
  • Remembering the good times and learning from the bad times
  • How to get up when you get knocked down
  • Being a smart business owner

What he has shown me over the years: 

  • How to be a loving husband
  • Loyalty and honesty
  • To be fully passionate for your work
  • How to live worry free
  • How to make the most of every situation
  • How to enjoy the moment
  • To be happy with what you have
  • How to be the rock in the family

While I was looking through my albums for a picture of my dad, I came across a newspaper article that featured me during my senior year of high school. The article was focused on Scholar Athletes—who knew I had it in me. LOL! Well, one of the questions asked, "Who do you look up to most and why?" I answered with:

"John Langhoff II (my dad). He is my father, and he knows everything about me and encourages me to become better than what I am now."

The truth is, my dad has supported me through countless struggles, hardships, joyous occasions, life changing events and, most of all, adventures. His love for me is never wavering. His care is undeniable. His support is never changing. My dad is the best dad hands down for me and I thank God every day for my dad. Without him, I won't be where I am today. 

Dad - I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. The numerous sacrifices you have made for me over the years deserve countless metals. I love you and I am extremely proud to have you as my dad. Love - Chad