Longleaf School of the Arts | Class of 2016 Senior Breakfast

On Monday, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Longleaf School of the Arts senior class at their Senior Breakfast. It's the school's first senior class EVER and the excitement was certainly in the air. Seeing the students, parents and staff mingle with one another in their courtyard was so neat—they are truly a unique, tight-knit little family.

Currently located in downtown Raleigh on Hargett Street next to the Marbles Children's Museum, Longleaf School of the Arts is a charter high school that provides students and parents with the unique partnering of a college preparatory curriculum with a fine arts focus. ...We're talking dance, visual arts, theater, choir, world languages and so much more! I was super impressed with their offering and not surprised to hear that they are filled to capacity this year—much thanks to the very passionate, hardworking and personable staff. LSA is only in its third year of existence, so as the news spreads like wildfire about this tuition-free, non-traditional route to high school education, watch out! Keep an eye on LSA, Raleigh locals—you won't want to miss out.

In order for their inaugural senior class to feel extra special and extra celebrated on their first day of school, they got red carpet treatment and plenty of cheering and applause. It was a ton of fun to be one of three local photographers to act as "paparazzi" for them and capture the candid moments. Each of these students truly are stars with incredible potential. I'm glad I got to meet them! And HUGE high-fives to Rachel Davis (Head of School) for her bubbly, go-getter leadership and Denise Brown (Director of Operations) for organizing this breakfast and managing logistics of the school so well.

Longleaf Class of 2016, cheers to your first full week of classes being complete and best of luck for a wonderful last year of high school!

Here are a few image highlights from their event. You can check out the entire online gallery of images I captured here »