Waiting on Baby Oakley

Bryan and Katie are ready. Bryan has helped Katie prepare as much as possible. Katie has grown this baby to 39 weeks and he or she is due next week! They are excited and a little nervous to be first time parents, but definitely anxious for their next chapter as a family to begin. Currently, their "normal" days include exercising together, walking the greenway by their [gorgeous, new] home, and enjoying meals together. Katie's days may include more Gilmore Girls binging than Bryan would like, but he doesn't mind. Each day, they hang out in the baby's nursery to read to the baby, find some peace and imagine what their lives will look like in the coming days. 

When Chad and I first got to know this couple, it was as their wedding photographers in 2014. Since then, we have grown our friendship with them, giving us front-row seats to their selfless love for one another, commitment to solid marriage, and their passion for family—no matter how many miles separate them.

Witnessing them together in this chapter of pregnancy was inspiring. I admired the way Bryan assisted Katie with anything and everything and the way he spoke to the baby with loving and playful pats and pokes. So sweet... These two are going to make such a great team as parents! And this little one doesn't yet know how lucky he or she is.

Best of luck to you during the labor and delivery of your baby. You're going to do great!