A Happy Father's Day

We had plans to spend Father's Day together, but at the last minute, Chad did what he does best—serve others selflessly. A request was made for Chad to spend the day at a different Elevation Church campus to document the amazing things God was doing there through baptisms, and Chad didn't even hesitate to accept, even on a day he'd be honored as a dad. Honoring his Heavenly Father was his priority.

Chad, I'm so proud of the way you lead our family. You model a personal relationship with Jesus every morning and throughout each day in our home, and you set a high bar of excellence for what it looks like to serve in the church, no matter the cost. I love that Elias will grow up with the understanding that all of this is "normal." God definitely hand-picked you for us—you make us better in every way!

At 13 months old, Elias can't yet articulate what he loves about you, but the way he belly-laughs each time you chase & tickle him, the way he runs to hug you when you come home from work, the way he catches each ball you toss, and every little stick he adds to his collection for you speak more than any words ever could.

Elias is the luckiest little boy to have you as "dada" and I am the luckiest mom to have you as my teammate. We love you from the bottom of our hearts!