Real Life is Tough

Traveling by myself with a 1-year-old the last few days hasn't given me many opportunities to have my hands free to hold a camera. We've been speeding through airports, sleeping on floors, catching up with family, meeting new people, swimming in pools and more. As a mom of a little mover, I've been functioning on high alert and little sleep.

But, I am cherishing these days and wishing the moments could all be documented: the baby-wearing marathons, snot wiping episodes, exhausted early morning cuddles, diaper changing wrestling matches, lightbulb moments of discovery, cleaning up of toilet paper shreds, pointing at airplanes, all of it.

I may be stressed in some of these current moments, but some day I'll want to "remember when" or show my son what life looked like for our family.

I recently had the opportunity to document a family of 6 that included baby boy twins. They made "tough" look so easy, although they assured me they didn't feel like they had it all together. I sure am glad—and so are they—that they didn't wait to book a Session until they felt they had mastered everything. "Tough" is incredibly beautiful and definitely worth documenting.

Talk to me about a Real Life Session. It'll be a relaxed Session with no posing and no coaxing because real life is beautiful, as-is. Sessions start at $99. Details here.