We've Been "Busy"

We've been "busy."

Busy traveling to see family, busy working hard, busy stomping ocean waves, busy considering our dreams for the present and the future, busy analyzing our businesses, busy searching for the best sticks in the yard, busy supporting one another, busy praying over the growing ministry we're a part of, busy pointing at the moon, busy developing our trust in the Lord...

We've been too busy to post our daily adventures on social media, and too busy to sort through the gobs of personal photos that have been taken in the midst of client work over the last couple weeks.

In our case, "busy" isn't because of too many commitments or tiresome minutiae. It's a direct result from experiencing transition on all levels at the same time, yet striving to keep healthy boundaries & a clear family mission while trying to remain smack dab in the middle of where God wants us. This kind of "busy" is challenging and sometimes stained with tears, but yet we are keeping busy—busy striving forward.