take me out to the ball game

Last Saturday (the 10th), we went to a Cardinals v. Brewers game in Milwaukee. Our friends Nicole, Matt and Mike came with us. It turned out to be a gorgeous day! We hung out in the parking lot for a while earlier in the day enjoying the sunshine, grilling turkey burgers & eating amazing guac, fruit salad, and more. When we found our seats on the second deck (near the left field foul pole), we definitely met some "entertaining" seat neighbors (what's up drama? drink much?).

Regardless, the Cards won 7-1, so it was a good game from our perspective. We all ended up back at our placeafter the game, finishing our seemingly endless amount of food & drinks, reminiscing some college memories and enjoying each other's company. Overall, it was SUCH a great day with friends - we had an absolute blast together!