les misérables & ice cream

On April 24th, Chad and I got together with our team of juniors (go Red Penguins!)  and went to support one of our teammates, Mikey Sandgren, in Les Mis at Horlick High School. The musical was GREAT! There was so much talent in the cast...they did an absolutely wonderful job, and they sounded amazing. Mikey was a star! We felt privileged to have our teammate start a revolution. ;) Sara Sandgren, Brianna Murray, and other "EUMers" were also in the show also did a great job as well. Way to go!

Special shout outs to Alec Nummela, Zak Fritz, Josh Henderson, Jess Sklba, Anastasia Priem and Jackie Pruitt who made this evening most memorable. We also gave the best, most obnoxious applause (+ shouts/cheers) to Mikey, which was pretty sweet.

Afterwards, a few of us went out for spontaneous ice cream at MickyD's. My favorite part of the night: upon noticing that it had abruptly started POURING rain out of nowhere, Zak asks in a serious tone, "I wonder if it's raining on the other side?" This was, of course, followed up by crazy amounts of laughter by the rest of us, and even tears from Chad. I love our team!

Can't wait for the next team event!
Red Penguins, stay tuned...