pack it up, move it out


We made a big decision: we're going to move! Well, actually we already started. Over the past couple of weeks we've been working on packing, condensing, purging, and sorting all of our stuff. It's been fun to find all of the old, reminiscent items like toys, games, and photos. We enjoyed having fun with them during our little packing breaks. I can't believe how much we are able to's so liberating to get rid of things!

Plus, the reason for our move is to downsize into a small apartment. We LOVE our current rental townhouse apartment in downtown Kenosha, but it's expensive. We don't have kids or pets at this point in our lives, so there's no better time to move into a small one-bedroom [cheap] apartment to save some dough. This way, we'll be able to save a lot faster to buy the house that we really want. It'll be tough for a while to adjust, but it will definitely pay off (literally!).

The month of May will be our transition month where we occupy 2 spaces. Aaron was a rockstar friend yesterday and helped us make 3 trips (with 2 cars) to the new place. What a workout! We definitely lucked out with a beautiful day + it's only 3 miles north of us. Next weekend we plan to move the big furniture over. So far so good...

Goodbye washer & dryer, dishwasher, and walks to cafes & the harbor. Goodbye attached garage, front & back doors, 2 bedrooms & 1.5 bathrooms, painted walls and big dining room table. Goodbye police sirens at all hours, Metra train engines and trolly bells.

Hello tiny kitchen, 1 bedroom and community laundry room. Hello basement storage unit, new small dining room table and money in our savings account. Hello GORGEOUS Lake Michigan view, big courtyard and private beach!

We're trying to stay positive about it - starting to get excited. We'll keep you updated on our progress and will be posting pictures soon.