pack rats


As of midnight last night, we're officially living in our new apartment! This could not have been possible without the help of our 2 best friends in the world. The four of us moved the last of the furniture and some odds & ends with 3 vehicles all day yesterday. Our old apartment is looking quite empty now... it's sort of eerie, actually! The new apartment is piled with a mess of boxes and tubs and the unpacking adventure will soon begin.

What an exhausting weekend, though. Chad and I spent much of Friday night, ALL day Saturday and ALL day Sunday after church packing, wrapping, loading, shifting, unloading, climbing stairs, and even a little unpacking. We were delightfully surprised to see that our couches didn't dwarf the living room nearly as much as we thought they would. It seemed tiny at first, but I think we'll be just fine. :)

My favorite load of the day was the one we had in "Big Red" (Amanda & Charlie's truck) where our guitar pick shaped dining table was standing upright. It looked like a shark fin! It definitely made us smile.

Around 12:30 last night when we were finally ready to go to bed, the search through the "rubble" was on for toothbrushes, shower curtain, sheets, and other essentials. I would definitely say we don't feel quite at home yet amongst the disarray of boxes, but I'm sure we will soon.

As soon as we're more settled, we'll post some photos of the new place. In a couple weeks, we'll be re-painting our old apartment back to white and will be getting it all scrubbed down & sparkling clean so we can sign-out officially over there. Until then, check out this video. It's an ode to our 3-year living space: