The Buenger Family | Real Life Session '15

Mitch and Jenna are great friends of ours. When we lived in Wisconsin together, we were especially blessed by their friendship and involvement in our lives. With confidence, Chad and I can both agree in saying that the Buengers have truly made us better people, whether that has been because of their encouragement, tough love at times, leadership development, laughter, example of bold faith in Jesus, their prayers over our lives, or because of their loyalty that spans the miles in between us now. When their son Brigham was born, we then got to witness a new side of Mitch & Jenna as parents—and they're amazing and inspiring on many levels. 

Any moment now, we'll all be expecting an announcement from this family regarding the arrival of Baby Boy #2! Chad and I got to visit with the Buengers back in July (making Brigham 17 months old at the time and Jenna about 5 months pregnant) and I'm SO glad we snagged these documentary family photos of them. For everything there is a season, and sometimes you blink and a new season has somehow arrived. These are some of the last images of Mitch and Jenna as parents of one, and of Brigham as an only child. Any moment, their family of three will become a family of four!

I love the simplicity and normalcy of these image highlights from their everyday, real life... Backyard grilling, soccer, hanging out with their husky Peyton, bedtime routines, morning routines (like waving goodbye to Daddy through the window as he leaves for work), breakfast and general playtime. Each image captures a sweet sliver in time.