Jake & Brooke, engaged on Christmas Eve

Jake loves Brooke. Like, so much so, that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with anyone else... On Christmas Eve, surrounded by Brooke's family in Raleigh, he surprised her with a marriage proposal. It turns out, Brooke loves Jake quite a bit, too, because she said Y-E-S !  It was such an honor for Chad and I to photograph these two lovebirds a couple days after the proposal when their excitement was still super fresh.

I met Brooke soon after we moved to Raleigh last year and became fast friends, but she had lots going on in her life at the time and ended up moving out to Seattle to be closer to Jake. I'm SO thrilled for them! Meeting Jake was amazing, too. Sorry ladies, he's quite the catch and he's now officially "off the market." We're bummed Seattle and Raleigh are so far apart—this couple is so much fun!

With a ring this pretty and a future this bright, Jake & Brooke will no doubt have a Happy New Year with endless smiles ahead. Congratulations, you guys! We're loving these image highlights from their Engagement Session...