A day with Adriana | Real Life Session '15

Chad and I have been traveling around the Midwest to visit our families. We spent a few days in Illinois and had a great time with Chad's family. Today, we spent some time on a train to Chicago in order to catch another train to Michigan to see my family for a few days. As I sat on the train thinking, I couldn't help but count my blessings. I absolutely LOVE my family! No matter where we live, spending time with them will always be a priority for us. The next several days are sure to bring me lots more joy.

All of this thinking reminded me that I never posted any of the images from the last time I was in Michigan with my niece! In June, Chad and I traveled to Michigan for my cousin's wedding and spent a couple days with my sisters. My favorite day of that trip, we got to babysit Adriana (16 months old at the time) while my sister was at work. For our rare "Aunt & Uncle" time in person, we napped and ate and played and read books and sorted shapes and laughed... Best. Day. Ever. Here are a few of my favorite image highlights...

My sister Kendra and CJ make great parents. Kendra got home from work first that day, and the two of them waved at CJ as he arrived home with fresh groceries for dinner. This family cooks together, plays together and LAUGHS together like you wouldn't believe. I love watching their teamwork and care for one another. When you watch Adriana take care of her baby dolls, it's no wonder where she gets that compassion from. And peek-a-boo?? ...I just can't get enough of these image highlights of them!

The next morning, Kendra was getting ready for work while also taking care of all of Adriana's needs—and ours! Thanks for being a rockstar, girl. We can't wait to spend some more time with you later this week!