we gave thanks

"And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."
—Ephesians 5:20

Last year, we started a tradition to stay in Kenosha for Thanksgiving and spend it with two of our best friends, Aaron & Nicole. We did that again this year, and it was definitely a hit—again. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives. God has done some incredible things in the lives & learnings of all four of us individually this year, but also as friends. We're so thankful we get to spend so much time with those two. We love them to death!

This year, it was even more convenient to share a big meal together since we live in the same apartment building. Chad and I made the t-shirt turkey again, stuffing it with honey crisp apples and cinnamon sticks (mmMMMmmmm), along with a handful of other tasty food items. We walked it all over to Aaron & Nicole's, joining it up with all of the deliciousness that they prepared as well. I'm pretty sure we had enough dinner & dessert for eight people...

This was Sock Monkey's first Thanksgiving! It was a pretty big deal. Haha—he even learned how to play Settlers of Catan (which is a must for all Langhoff/Steckman get-togethers) and enjoyed some "Walking Dead" episodes with us. No wine though. Not yet. (If you're wondering who Sock Monkey is, read this.)

Later in the weekend, my sister Heidi and her friend Cody made a spontaneous visit from Michigan which was enjoyable as well. Overall, GREAT, relaxing weekend with special friends and family. Too much food. Just the right amount of fun.

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