Andrea and Vinny, BFF's | Real Life Session

Andrea and Vinny have a VERY special relationship with one another. Not only is Vinny Andrea's "furbaby," but they are also best friends. This personality-filled french bulldog has been at Andrea's side through thick and thin over the last few years. There isn't much they wouldn't do for each other... He is the most loyal {and adorable} dog ever. He minds well, plays with excitement, greets her kindly when she gets home, gets major air time while chasing his ball, and thinks he's a big guard dog. Andrea loves Vinny well, cuddles him often, gives him undivided attention, treats him every now and then and has even gone to court in the past to keep him. They're buds. Best buds. And nothing will separate these two!

We haven't done much "pet photography" in the past, but what a special privilege for us to document their relationship in this season of their lives together in a Mini Session. It doesn't get any more genuine than this. 

I hope you enjoy these image highlights from their recent Real Life Session...

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